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A large and complicated mechanism like an automatic garage door can malfunction in numerous different ways. Each component is connected with dozens of others, which means that one problem can affect many other different parts. If your door is showing signs of wearing out, like slowing down or making excessive noise, then you may need to have an expert take a look and troubleshoot the issue. If you know for a fact that some part broke down, you definitely need a professional technician to help you. That's what our team is here for.

Is Your Garage Door Off Track?

One common issue that homeowners can deal with is a scenario where their door rollers slide out of the track. This can often happen because the tracks have become bent or damaged. Our team will carefully restore the dented or misshapen section to its correct shape and alignment before re-inserting the rollers and making sure that the door can open and close smoothly again.

Watch Out For Worn Out Springs

Another problem that can crop up is the springs weakening and eventually breaking. This happens naturally over time, and all homeowners should keep an eye out for signs that their springs are beginning to wear out - watch for noticeable wobbling or sagging when the door is in motion. If your springs did break, or if they need adjustment, don’t try to carry out the necessary work yourself. Mishandling garage door springs can be very dangerous, so you should let our team take care of any issue related to these components.

Damaged and Worn Rollers

Anything that prevents your door from moving smoothly will cause a lot of noise, and is likely to contribute to a breakdown. If your rollers have suffered significant wear, or have signs of corrosion, they may be causing increased friction whenever your door moves. We strongly recommend investing in a new set if this is the case; our technicians can quickly remove and replace worn or broken rollers with minimal disruption to your daily life.

We’re Ready To Help You

No matter what problem you’re having, our team is ready to solve it. We’ve been helping homeowners avoid problems with their garage doors for more than a decade now, and we can help you with anything from a malfunctioning opener to frayed cables and damaged panels; contact Garage Door Repair Issaquah today to set up an appointment with our specialists.

We also offer:

Noisy Doors Silenced

Noisy Doors Silenced

Opener Clicker Repair

Opener Clicker Repair

Install New Panels

Install New Panels

Door Level Alignment

Door Level Alignment


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